The 12th Risogaku Concert

[Schedule] July 22, 2017
[Curtain Time] 12:30/16:30
[Venue] Kioi Small Hall
5,000yen( Nonreserved seat)

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The first time Japanese dance MIRAIZA "SAI"

Hidetaro Honjoh composed a composition of "Nyonin Sumita - Tayutafu~ for the revive the past female dancer 5 people with a unique dancing style of Japanese dance.

Thursday, June 15 - Sunday, June 18, 2017
Thursday, June 15 14: 30/18: 30 (two performances)
Friday, June 16 14: 30/18: 30 (two perfrmances)
Saturday, June 17 11: 00/15: 00/19: 00
(3 performances)
Sunday, June 18 13: 00/17: 00 (2 performances)
Venue: National Theater Small Theater
Admission: 7,000 yen (all seats specified)

Nyonin Sumita - Tayutafu
Tousei Ukiyoneko

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Performance on January 26, 2014 Honjoh Hidetaro- Listen to Edo "Hana no Michi"

Honjoh Hidetaro -Hauta- Listen to Edo "Hana no Michi" 01

Honjoh Hidetaro -Hauta- Listen to Edo "Hana no Michi" 02

Honjoh Hidetaro -Hauta- Listen to Edo "Hana no Michi" 03

[2017 Honjoh Hidetaro performances schedule]

Honjoh Hidetaro no Kai concert,
"Hauta - Listening to the sounds of Edo" -vol.38-
[Schedule] October 22 , 2017
[Opening] 14:00

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