[Schedule 2019]

July 20, 2019
The 14th Risogaku Concert

December 26, 2019
Beads vol.3 "Otono Inori-Contemporary shamisen -Utaitainoha Shamisendesu-"


JAL Group International in-flight audio program

At the JAL Group International in-flight audio (except for some equipment)
January 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019 (4 months) you can listen to the music of Honjoh Hidetaro.
At the time of boarding, please enjoy Honjoh music.



ANA international flight onboard program

[Onboard program]
ANA international flight onboard program
This program covers the following.
Honjoh Hidetaro "NU.QUA.TA Yu You Kankan", "E-MAIL","Mahoroba no Koibumi", "NU.QUA.TA"Sea@Peace"
Please check your in-flight magazine ANA SKY CHANNEL when you board.
You can listen to this program for the period of February and March.


[Music ・ Performance]

Edo performing art landscape ②
Kioi Japanese Music drama from the fictional itinerant history (Yamamoto Shugoro)
Matsunoya Okei

March 9, 2019 14:00
Jonanaza, Nanto city, Toyama
3,500yen(4,000 yen on the day)
(All seats specified)




Honjoh Hidetaro no Kai concert "Hinauta" Kioi Series vol.10

[Schedule] April 21, 2019
[Curtain Time] 13:30/14:00
[Venue] Kioi Small Hall
4,500yen( Nonreserved seat)

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[Music ・ Performance]

Performance particularly commemorative Saori Yuki
The original, Than Sawako Ariyoshi "ground pink" is woman ー called 代 essence ー of the dream
It is Sunday on 8th Friday, September 6, 2019

September 6 / 8, 2019
September 6, 18:00
September 7, 11:30/16:30
September 8, 11:00
25th Sakon Kanze memory Kanze school noh theater,Ginza
S seat 10,000yen
A seat 8,000
(All seats specified)

[NEW Release CD]

HINAUTA Series On Sale Now!

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