Risogaku Shunkan /
Honjoh Hidetaro

TACD 0003
CD 3,000yen (w/o tax)

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  • Premontion
  • The Moon of the Imperial Capital
  • Tsuyuno Inochiwa
  • Spring Flowers I
  • Spring Flowers II
  • Longing for the Past
  • The Boat of Pardon
  • The Exiles
  • Kakaru Tokoroe
  • Dream
  • Reality
  • The Feel of Time
  • The Moon in the Water
  • The Mirror of Sand
  • The Falling Camellia Blossoms
  • The Remember Images
  • The Moon of the Waves
  • The Sinking Moon
Risogaku is the art of a Shamisen that can speak to all.
For further information, contact honjoh@honjoh.co.jp.