Contemporary Shamisen

 Present day Japanese traditional music is impressionistic.
 It is impressionistic because of its ability to express oneself so freely with the shamisen.
 The shamisen allows for a great degree of diversity and countless possibilities, allowing unhindered conception of sound with the correct execution of the note. Attention is given only to the sound of the thread, a silky twang of the string, giving feeling with every strum.
 It is a rich sound, giving off sorrow or happiness, if need be.
 The “Modern Day Panacea” lies within the deep, shining unknown of the shamisen.
That which has yet to be played, invented or conceived lies waiting, within the shamisen, waiting to be heard. Waiting to heal.
 It is not with musical numbers, scales or meters in which sound lies. It is the robust and filling sound of the group, like one single cell in which the true sounds are made.


- For Shakuhachi and Shamisen -