Akiko Kanazawa
The official site of folk-song singer Kanazawa Akiko .

Quiet Lodge
Hosono Haruomi's official Web site.
He produced the 17th Honjo Hidetaro-kai concert and the Kaishou concert tour.

Mr. Sawai Tadao's Web site
The Web site of Sawai Tadao, who is a koto player as well as a composer.
"Jyu" (reading paragraphs with rhythm) performed at the 12th Honjo Hidetaro-no-kai concert is his work.

Mr. Naruse Shohei's Web site
The official page of Mr. Naruse Shohei, a folk-song singer.

Mochizuki Takinojo's Web site
The Web site of Mochizuki Takinojyo, Japanese percussion player.
He participated in the "Kaishou" tour.

Search engine which introduces the information about Japanese cultur.

Shamisen Kato
Shamisen Kato is a contemporary shamisen studio.

Wagakki Web Yamatoya
The homepage of yamatoya, which deals with Japanese musical instruments.